[CQ-Contest] REAM contest on this weekend

Dmitri Bagno (RW3FO) bagno at mai.ru
Sat Dec 28 00:51:10 EST 2002

The Annual Russian Cup "Memorial of Ernst Krenkel" ("RAEM")
is held by Krenkel Central Radioclub of Russia on December
28-29, 2002 (4th full weekend of December). Radio amateurs
worldwide are invited. CW only on all HF bands. Entries:

Contest period includes eight one-hour tours:
December 28: 21.00-21.59, 22.00-22.59, 23.00-23.59 UTC;
December 29: 00.00-00.59 UTC, and, after 4-hour brake,
December 29: 05.00-05.59, 06.00-06.59, 07.00-07.59, 08.00-08.59 UTC.
Each station can be worked once in each tour (i.e. 8 QSOs maximum).
Total number of band changes should not exceed 40.

Exchange of next five parts:
(1) QSO serial number starting with 001,
(2) geographic latitude with 1 degree accuracy,
(3) one-letter designator of hemisphere
    ("N" for "Nord" (North) and "S" for "Sud" (South)),
(4) geographic longitude with 1 degree accuracy,
(5) one-letter designator of hemisphere
    ("o" for "Ost" (East) and "W" for West).
Example: RW9HZZ send "001 57n85o" where 001 is QSO number,
57n and 85o are coordinates (RW9HZZ location is 57N 85E).

Scoring: each contact gives points:
(1) "for QSO": 50 points for each QSO;
(2) "additional points": 100 points for each QSO with
    a correspondent, located within polar circle, and 300 points
    for each QSO with memorial station with callsign "RAEM";
(3) "for geographic coordinates difference": each degree in
    exchanges counts as one point separately for latitude and
Final score is a sum of points. For participants, located
within polar circle, final score is multiplied by factor 1.1.
In case of difficulties, score may be calculated by the
contest committee.

Send logs in any form in 15 days after contest to crcrf at rol.ru
Put " RAEM " in subject.

--Dmitri (RW3FO)
bagno at mai.ru

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