[CQ-Contest] New Update 10.38D now ready

Ron K5DJ k5dj at austin.rr.com
Sat Dec 28 19:02:43 EST 2002

December, 2002


 Whats new or fixed in 10.38D:

Keep red outline on CALL window longer for CW transmission, and 
add LiveCwDelayMs INI file entry.

Add Multiplier-is-Worth display to Rate Window. Not all multiplier 
modules are updated, but these are: CQWW, ARRL 160, CQ 160, ARRL 10m, 

When grabbing spots from Packet Spot Window, do not move the transmit 
focus. And check for new multiplier. And do the same when grabbing a 

Remember the current Operator for Change Operator when restarting.

Remember the Network Frequency Display name when restarting.

Remember last headphone latch/split settings when restarting.

Fix bug with Multi+ keyer, when Setup CW PTT CW PTT delay is set to 
zero it won't assert PTT on paddle input even if the keyer setup dialog 
says PTT on LPT. This version allows paddle PTT with zero delay setting.

Obey the Setup CW PTT for CW mode: don't set PTT on LPT unless the
setting says to.

_Notes.txt file (ALT+N) correctly records the serial number of the
QSO with the note.

Fix the too-wide columns that happen on most of the columns, on some
fonts, and 
on some windows.

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