[CQ-Contest] mobile contesting

RICHARD BOYD ke3q at msn.com
Sat Dec 28 23:36:13 EST 2002

Doing the 10M contest while driving to K5NA/2 to pick up some antennas a few 
years back made the trip go fast.  CW worked best and was no problem.  The 
cup holders in the center console of some vehicles (mine was/is a '91 Ford 
F-150 pickup) hold a Bencher keyer paddle perfectly without velcro, tape, or 
anything else to hold it down.  Logging was the hardest part.

One local who lived in a townhouse with no antennas allowed ran coax out to 
his car parked in the parking lot and fed a KW into the mobile antenna.  He 
was getting a corona flame off the top of the antenna.  Remember when KC3VO 
had that in the Yaesu booth at Dayton?


Rich Boyd


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