[CQ-Contest] mobile contesting

Larry Johnson larryj at teleport.com
Sat Dec 28 23:14:23 EST 2002

I'm looking at mounting a set of Bencher paddles onto a solid base
that's securely fastened to the transmission hump or something REALLY
solid. After having been in a rollover (totaled the truck but I was
fine) several years ago when I hit unexpected black ice in Southern
Oregon (in Late May!), I realized that if I had a set of Bencher paddles
up front that they could have flown around the cab and KILLED someone!
That is some serious "heavy metal" that Bencher uses for their bases!
Nice to have on the operating table, but not flying around loose in the


> Doing the 10M contest while driving to K5NA/2 to pick up some antennas a few
> years back made the trip go fast.  CW worked best and was no problem.  The
> cup holders in the center console of some vehicles (mine was/is a '91 Ford
> F-150 pickup) hold a Bencher keyer paddle perfectly without velcro, tape, or
> anything else to hold it down.  Logging was the hardest part.
> One local who lived in a townhouse with no antennas allowed ran coax out to
> his car parked in the parking lot and fed a KW into the mobile antenna.  He
> was getting a corona flame off the top of the antenna.  Remember when KC3VO
> had that in the Yaesu booth at Dayton?
> 73
> Rich Boyd
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