[CQ-Contest] Been there, done that - felt 1" tall....

Doug Priest Doug at w3cf.com
Sat Feb 2 07:01:19 EST 2002

I remember at the start of the gulf war I had just come off running stations
for the fun of it on 20m......I decided to tune down to 11.175 and listen to
what I thought was Thule Greenland, Diego Garcia, and ZD8 all triangulating
fire control patterns of our Tomahawk Cruise Missiles.

The frequency was busy so I sat there listening for several minutes, What
was being said was cryptic. No two words made since and nothing was a
My beloved spouse came into the shack with a libation for my enjoyment and
as I took a nice sip I commented "That Black Russian tastes good!"

About that time I looked up to see the power meter swinging up to near legal
limit and quickly turned off the VOX. When I unkeyed it was REAL QUIET.

I could envision everyone fanning thru their encryption codes to see what a
Black Russian meant followed by several govt cars screaming to a stop in
front of the house.

1/2' tall was more like it....

To err is human...........

Doug W3CF

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