[CQ-Contest] Been there, done that - felt 1" tall....

Milt Jensen n5ia at zia-connection.com
Fri Feb 1 17:58:35 EST 2002

Dean said:

> A number of years ago, a fella  inadvertently set the mike for his 2 meter
> rig in the seat of his comfy ham shack chair.  The mike slid in and the
> was activated.  Well, apparently the rig was in his bedroom.....
> Those listening on the repeater were treated to more information about his
> lovemaking practices than they wanted.  I don't think the horney little
> devil was ever ID'ed.
> cdn

The repeater must NOT have been operating per FCC rules (3 minute TOT) or
else this fellow was the fastest casanova around.  Makes a DXpedition
contact pale by contrast.

Milt, N5IA

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