[CQ-Contest] TS440 Info

Ernest Mills emills at nycap.rr.com
Sun Feb 3 16:25:06 EST 2002

I need a site where I can find the part numbers for the TS440 and then =
to Order the parts.=20

After 13 years of Rtty contesting the old faithful 440 wants to retire. =
It needs ....

1)    The optical encoder (mechanical device on tuning knob). The =
encoder ring is loose and somewhat buckled.
2)    The keypad is unreliable and needs replacing
3)    It suffers from the dreaded 440 led shimmer/flashes in humid =
weather. If I leave it on fer a few HOURS it stabilizes.

    Hope someone can help here!  Ernie WM2U   =20

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