[CQ-Contest] Southern Sprint Coalition Team #1 Score

Bill Fisher, W4AN w4an at CONTESTING.COM
Mon Feb 11 12:08:44 EST 2002

A few of us decided after the last CW Sprint to pool resources to field an
all south (mostly SE) CW Sprint team.  This was insprired partly because
we were having trouble fielding 10 man teams from each of our clubs, and
that we wanted to put together a southeast team that would beat the
SCCC.  The more we looked at it, the more we realized that not only could
we win the team competition, but that we could more than likely field two
teams that would break in to the top-3!  Members of the FCG, SECC, PVRC,
and TCG and individuals from Louisiana, West Virginia, and Kentucky were
part of this effort.  

Well, in theory team-1 has broken the old team record held by the SCCC
(and without our top-dog K1TO).  Only by 3%, so we'll have to see what
happens after log checking.

W4AN	Bill	GA	379	50	18,950 
W4PA	Scott	TN	388	49	19,012 
N2NL	Dave	FL	369	50	18,450 
K4BAI	John	GA	314	46	14,444 
N5RZ	Ralph	TX	354	52	18,408 
NY4A	Al	NC	344	45	15,480 
N4ZZ	Don	TN	327	48	15,696 
KT3Y	Phil	VA	318	46	14,628 
W9WI	Doug	TN	309	48	14,832 
K3MM	Ty	MD	311	44	13,684 

I would like to extend the following challenges for September:

-Any call area that thinks they can beat us in September.
-Any call area that thinks they can beat our top two teams scores.
-Any call area that can field more teams (members). 
-Any call area that can field more first time Sprinters.


Bill Fisher, W4AN

PS: Team #2 score looks to be in the order of 135K.  Still waiting for two

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