[CQ-Contest] RTTY sigs down around 7035...

Bill Coleman aa4lr at arrl.net
Mon Feb 11 15:04:50 EST 2002

On 2/11/02 3:24 PM, V G at pmb1010 at hotmail.com wrote:

>This is only going to get much worse, with
>the ARRL's newly suggested band plans moving
>the SSB freqs into the Novice CW area, 

You obviously haven't listened to the Novice CW area in a long, long 

This area is a virtual wasteland now. It is grossly underutilized.

>and even lower. 

Says who? Is there an ARRL survey for that? A petition? Or is this mere 

>The RTTY boys will need to move lower. 

You all are just completely flying off the handline.

Look. The problem is simple. 40m is too damn small. Only 100 kHz of 
world-wide allocations. Even 300 kHz would be small. It's a really, 
really useful part of the radio spectrum. Too bad the SWBC people figured 
that out as well.

>And with the (inevidable) No-code-at-
>all-HF license, many new hams will want to
>use HF data modes. 

Gosh, we ought to just quit ham radio now. Everyone! Sell all your gear! 
Get out now! 


>Go on 30m. The RTTY guys start right at the bottom of the band!

Yeah, those FIXED service RTTY guys we share the band with sure are a 

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