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Ron Wetjen wd4ahz at gte.net
Thu Feb 14 18:18:05 EST 2002

Tom Frenaye wrote:
> From the survey appendix: "The survey sample of 1200 was selected in 
> systematic, stratified fashion..."   It only included licensed, 
> domestic (USA) members.  "Responses have  been weighted in tabulation 
> to accurately reflect true population proportions."  The weighting 
> was by license class reported in the FCC database.

WOW ... this just hit me ...

"The weighting was by license class reported in the FCC database."

Wouldn't it be more accurate to weigh the survey by ARRL Members license
class, instead of what's in the FCC database?

This explains why QST has turned into a "beginners" magazine instead of
the technical journal it used to be.
I'd guess the majority of Amateurs listed in the FCC database are Tech's
or Tech Plus (and I bet a large percentage of those aren't even active),
so THAT is the demographic the ARRL is trying to reach.  This also falls
in line with the ARRL's proposals (restructuring, lower CW requirements,
etc.) to "dumb down" Amateur Radio, and trying to get these Amateurs to
join ARRL (huge untapped potential).

I'm glad to see my suspicions have finally been confirmed.


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