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Bill Fisher fisher at akorn.net
Thu Feb 14 18:13:02 EST 2002

Today we installed a 2nd T-1 at Akorn Access which will do load balancing
with the existing T1.  Many thanks to Dave Pascoe (KM3T) for helping this

Most of the traffic on the Akorn pipe is dedicated to ham radio (don't tell
my partner).  eHam.net (primarily) and Contesting.com can at times
completely saturate a T1 circuit by themselves.  The rest of my
not_hugely_discounted customers at Akorn have been suffering as a result.
Thus, the need for a new circuit.

Anyway... it should be faster.

The new Contesting.com list server is QRV.  Dave has been loading it with
needed software, but we are waiting for VP8/N5KO to come home before
completing the switch over.  I believe the plan is to move all lists to a
program called MailMan and dump the current program (Majordomo).

The W4AN crew will not expect extra consideration for our frequencies this
weekend as a result of this improvement.   But, if you are in a rare country
and you feel compelled to work us on 6 bands... well go right ahead.



PS:  Be sure to drop by K1AR's frequency and let him know how much louder we
are than him.  John will appreciate the feedback and the company.

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>From PY2NY - Vitor" <py2ny at arrl.net  Fri Feb 15 01:38:50 2002
From: PY2NY - Vitor" <py2ny at arrl.net (PY2NY - Vitor)
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2002 22:38:50 -0300
Subject: [CQ-Contest] Answer in private
Message-ID: <02bf01c1b5c4$66036300$4314d2c8 at py2ny>

Well, almost out of topic here... I have three questions
with direct consequences to improve my contest
station here.
1) I have an old Amplifier Yaesu FL-2000 (80-10m)
using two 572B tubes. Everything is OK but the 
Band Rotary Switch don't work. I really need another
one, and even bought two different pieces from Yaesu
but those pieces are for FL2100 model, not for
FL2000. Where can I find this kind of switch?
Any E-mail?
This amplifier will be used with second radio (TS850S)
when working multi-single with my friends.
2) Two months ago, I found an old CDR-CDE 
rotator, model TR-44. The rotator is still working
very fine, including the control box, that seems to
be like new. Anyway, I would like to have any
kind of manual or technical information, including
photos and scanned material...
This second rotator will be used to turn a second
yagi under the first one, into 90 degrees space
NW to NE (USA to EU) phased with WX0B
Stack Match.
3) Handbook 1968 - Old amplifier Hand Made
with 3CX1000 tube. I have a friend with this
HandBook 1968 Amplifier design. He needs
to know if the tube 3CX1000 is still available
and what is the regular price. I try RF Parts
Catalog but nothing about the tube. If possible
I would like to receive the article from 
Handbook 1968 scanned in English, to
help him...
Well, many thanks for your attention and hope
to listen everybody during ARRL CW Contest.
I am not sure if I will try 40 or 20, single
band... I will be Low Power, for sure...
See you...
PY2NY - Vitor Luis Aidar dos Santos
Caixa Postal 204
Jaboticabal, SP - Brasil
14870-970         ph.: (16)97854218

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