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David Robbins k1ttt at arrl.net
Tue Feb 19 12:47:24 EST 2002

name removed so I can yell at them and not feel so bad (maybe this is
the weekend flu speaking, but I've had about enough of this!)

> > "Your" answers should come from within.
> >
> > To request post-contest advice from "others" is bad karma and may get 
> > you chastised

How to H*** did you learn to operated in contests and put together logs
to send in??  I remember way back in the days of paper logs of all the
hours and hours spent figuring out how to put together the proper
package for submitting logs.  Recopying dupe sheets, cleaning up
erasures, marking qso's I couldn't read as 0 points, calling up my
mentors to ask them how to score something, etc.  If you have a
complaint about what someone is doing on here and think they are
cheating report them to the contest sponsor or contact them in private
and point out the error of their ways, but don't chastise them in
public.  I look on this list like a support group, but most of the time
it looks like a batch of whiners and wanna-be contest cops, so go
sponsor your own contests and make your own rules and enforce them to
the letter if you want, I've heard enough of this junk.

> There were guys (and gals, I hope) sending KW and others sending K.
> Sometimes I logged the KW stations as K.  Again, so what?
> It all gets back to that old debate as to whether to copy "ATT" and log
> "ATT" or log "100".  It all ends up meaning the same thing.
> Do what you think is right.  Do what you think you would have sent in the
> same situation.  Do what you would want the other guy receving your
> exchange to do.

Unfortunately in these days where logs are processed by robots instead
of humans the ONLY person who can answer this is the one who writes the
log checking software.  All other answers about 'att' and '100' being
the same or 'k' or 'kw' being legal are only conjecture or rumor.

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