[CQ-Contest] Power Entry

Tony Field ve6yp at shaw.ca
Wed Feb 20 17:26:31 EST 2002

> ah, but k and w are not numbers either and you
> convert them based on
> your assumption of what was meant.
> Why would that not logically extend
> to a,t,n,e,o and any other common abbreviations?

Seems to me that abbreviations are just that - a replacement of a
short form for a long form and the long form is the desired log
entry. I think Tree and others have pointed this out more than once.

I doubt that it is a reasonable responsibility of the contest
organizers / point scoring software to do such transations - their
job is to comply with the contest rules and not to translate what
your ears should have alread done.

I suspect that any contesting program should have a feature that, if
enabled, automatically translates all common abbreviation both for
transmission and reception.  Mine does...   Maybe all you need to do
is enable the option???

Maybe we should lobby the contest organizers to allow us to submit a
WAV file of all of our exchanges and let them process the logs from
that.  This would be the "perfect" log of what was transmitted /
received :-)

Maybe contesting should be elevated from "rocket science" to
"nuclear physics"... :-)

ve6yp at rac.ca

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