[CQ-Contest] Power Entry

Tony Field ve6yp at shaw.ca
Wed Feb 20 17:34:04 EST 2002

> KP4XXX thinks he hears ENNTTA (599001) coming from TK1TT.
> Struggling to copy more accurately as K1TTT corrects the callsign,
> he thinks he hears a power level of 1TTTK (1000 kilowatts) coming
> from TK1TT.  Which power level should KP4XXX put in his log?

If he is less than 1/2 mile away, he probably could not log it - his
receiver probably had a front end melt down caused by the
(obviously) 1000 KW.  If he did hear the contact, then maybe he
should evaluate if the exchange he "thought" he heard was
reasonable - since the receiver is still working....  (I gather that
ALL east coast contesters of any signifiance are within a 1 mile
radius :-)


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