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It has long been my opinion that a good single op unassisted effort will always prevail over an assisted effort THAT OVER EMPHASIZES USE OF PACKET.  By that I mean that, for several reasons, not all packet spots are useful. You may not have propagation to the spotted station.  You may have to sit in a pileup to work the station. You may not need the station.  The only advantage I can find is that you may pick up a few (probably very few) multipliers you have missed otherwise.  To get these, you may pay a small penalty in QSOs missed. 
This game is a lot more fun without packet anyway. 

73 de Jim
"David L. Thompson" <thompson at mindspring.com> wrote:

>Packet usage is the accepted method for multi ops and has its good and bad
>points.  Many find that you can spin up or down the band
>working stations faster than if you just try to work the packet spots.   If
>you use two transceivers at each multi op position this spinning is done
>while maintaining a run frequency.
>K1AR pointed out several years ago that a multi million score could be made
>in say the CQ WW just by working the packet spots.   But many of us have
>found that this requires a new skill and except for guys such as K3WW few
>ever take full advantage of this.  This is why the Assisted Single op scores
>are not any higher than single op unassisted scores.   The average score is
>higher as the assisted stations tend to work longer at the contest.
>In multi op stations using packet (or the internet web pages) is best
>utilized when some member of the team stays on top of the spots
>plus the stations are wired to pick up the spots without the main op
>thinking too much!
>Hats off to N2RM and others who choose to not use packet spots....and its
>nice to have a choice.
>73 Dave K4JRB
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