[CQ-Contest] W/VEs Can't Work Other W/VEs in ARRL DX

Scott Nichols snichols at mvosprey.com
Thu Feb 21 15:34:20 EST 2002

This is an ANNOYING problem...I also had quite a few US stations call me at
VE1OP during ARRL DX (Two of whom are well known contestors that  are on this
reflector)...Some just didn't know the rules, some were looking for a VE1 card,
some needed my IOTA, some wanted my 10-X number, one went on about how they
have visited here xxx times and love the place (time consuming on CW!!), and
one WB9 station pretended to be an HB9 station (sent HB9___ to answer my CQ,
and then "corrected" his call to WB9___ after I gave him a report...He
should've used RB9 or something, cuz then I would have thought I copied it
wrong)...It was no error as he was strong and I heard him calling several times
before I got to him...I hope he sends me a QSL, cuz my return card will be from
URANUS3, confirming our 4 way qso from Jupiter on Feb 31, 2319, on  8 metres at
3403 utc...Probably even spill my coffee on it...He made me ugly...

If possible I ignored them, but most times I worked them just so they would
stop covering up all the stations I wanted to work...Most were honest mistakes
from people who thought they were helping I suppose, but this is not the Lower
Mongolian UHF contest...It is a well known high profile contest,  and info is
easily accessed...

Thanks to all who gave me a contact in the contest...It was a FUN one most of
the time...

73, Scott VE1OP

Ken Widelitz wrote:

> I must have had 400 US stations (only 2 VEs) call me at VY2SS last weekend,
> including many calls seen here on the reflector who should know better.
> Maybe some thought VY2 is DX, but when they asked for my  "POWER" and
> wouldn't take PEI for a response, it got very annoying. Except for one
> instance when I was very tired and frustrated, I worked them all but didn't
> log them. I was guilty of this once by accident when I called K7SS because
> for some reason, probably sleep deprivation, I thought he was mobile out of
> the country. Maybe it was the station he had just worked I was trying to
> call.
> For future reference, in the ARRL DX contest, if you are a US or Canadian
> station, you do not help out by calling other US or Canadian stations. You
> are NOT giving them points, only wasting their time.
> 73, Ken, K6LA
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