[CQ-Contest] WRTC2002 and "early bird" logs

Carl K9LA k9la at gte.net
Tue Jul 2 07:06:31 EDT 2002

The IARU World HF Championship is right around the corner, within which 
WRTC2002 is run.

Just a quick reminder to everyone that the WRTC2002 organizing committee 
would like as many participants as possible to e-mail their contest logs 
by 1800 UTC on July 14. These "early bird" logs will be used only for 
log checking purposes related to the WRTC2002 teams.

There are incentives for doing this, and I encourage you to visit 
www.wrtc2002.org/rules_all.htm for the details. Any questions should be 
directed to the WRTC2002 individuals indicated on the WRTC2002 web site.

Carl K9LA
NCJ Editor

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