[CQ-Contest] Plea for help re: headphones

Timothy.Urban at wc.ey.com Timothy.Urban at wc.ey.com
Mon Jul 8 12:51:38 EDT 2002

Recently bought a set of the Bose Noise Reducing headphones for contesting 
based upon positive comments in the list archives. 

While they do zero out a huge amount of transceiver fan noise and computer 
whine, I have encountered two serious problems and am desperate for your 

Rig = FT 1000 MK 5 + coax feed (incl. a coax rf choke and a w2du type 
current balun) + wire ocfd.  Runs up to 200 w rf at swr < 1.5 to 1 using 
rig's built in tuner.

Problem 1:  Bose headphones pick up a cw transmit (rf?) thump - slight on 
the Low NR setting of the phones, huge on the High NR setting on the 
phones.  Added 8 turns of the headphone cable thru a snap together MFJ 
torroid - didn't help.  Intensity of thump varies band to band. 

        Reducing the power setting on the rig helps, but is not a viable 
solution  :). 

        My goal would be to be able to use the phones on the high NR 
setting - it seems to provide valuable audio gain.  Operating with the low 
                setting seems like running the rig with the attenuator on.

Problem 2:  SSB:  Transmitting voice on ssb with the rig's "monitor" 
feature, using the stock Yaesu hand mike, creates ungodly feedback. 

Thanks for any ideas - hope I don't have to give these things back

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