[CQ-Contest] World Champion

Mark Beckwith swca at swbell.net
Thu Jul 18 16:26:43 EDT 2002

I have gotten maybe 2x the number of comments direct to me that have been
aired on cq-contest.  I am beginning to see some basic stuff emerge from the

Everyone agrees (except me, I guess) that the WRTC event must meet these

1.  It must be an international event

2.  It must be on both modes

3.  It shouldn't be during an established MAJOR event i.e. CQWW or ARRL

One respondent also pointed out that July basically ensures a good turnout.
I'll buy that.  I guess.  In the Northern Hemisphere, at least.

Okay, so the IARU fits all these qualifications, but has the glaring
shortcoming of crappy conditions on the low bands.

>What do you propose Mark?

Gosh, now that you ask:

I think the concept of on-site competition for contesting's best should be
substantially more popular.  If this were the case, perhaps holding it
during each mode of the CQWW would not be "a pesky annoyance," as many seem
to feel it would be, but - get this - "an honor."

I agree that at the moment this is not practical.  However, I know plenty of
guys who already go away (i.e. to foriegn countries at great expense) for
both weekends of the CQWW and have for many years.  In fact, many of them
happened to be in Finland last weekend.  I think it's all a matter of the
quality of the event, the reputation, and the value of the results.  And,
for that matter, the budget.  WRTC is a great event, and the Finns took it
to new heights, but it is not "there yet."

One day the value of "world champion" might be more valuable than "winner of
the CQ worldwide."  It's not yet.

Oh, and personally, I think it would be better if it were for CW single
operators, but that's just my selfish opinion -  I'll take whatever I can
get and WRTC is a huge step in the right direction.

So that's what I am thinking.  I'll shut up now for a few more years until
the sunspots come back.

Mark, N5OT

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