[CQ-Contest] Ideas for WRTC 2004

Peter Grillo, Sr. ah3c at frii.com
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I neglected to mention that all QSO's were in English with perfect use of
international phonetics.  As referee, it was interesting to pick up the
requests for repeats during this run.....I counted 6!  Robert has a great
SSB base voice (like OH2BH, N6TJ, and others).  I did not count the number
of YU's worked during this run.  I don't have the disk.  The referee point
of view will be the subject of an article for NCJ.

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> "Peter Grillo, Sr." wrote:
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> > YU7BW (OJ2Q) had 254 QSO's on 20 SSB 1st hour!
> Well, perhaps one more story. In the late 80s, I and several others
> operated the
> CQWWSSB from V47. Now, to show the rediculous, we arranged for a top
> JA ( think his
> name was Yosi ) to be part of our team. Flew him over here at our
> expense, ect. Although he did operate other bands, his primary use was
> when openings to JA occured in late afternoon. His rate was absolutely
> fantastic, over 400+ per hour, and of course, in Japanese.
> So that may well be a consideration the next time a team is put
> together. Believe me, he had his buddies at home lined up like ducks
> in a shooting gallary. No doubt, the discipline of the JAs was also a
> factor.
> And yes, we did win.
> 73
> ed, k4sb
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