[CQ-Contest] Ideas for WRTC 2004

K4SB hamcat at directvinternet.com
Fri Jul 19 05:18:38 EDT 2002

"Peter Grillo, Sr." wrote:
> I neglected to mention that all QSO's were in English with perfect use of
> international phonetics.  As referee, it was interesting to pick up the
> requests for repeats during this run.> 
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> From: "K4SB" <hamcat at directvinternet.com>

> > So that may well be a consideration the next time a team is put
> > together. Believe me, he had his buddies at home lined up like ducks
> > in a shooting gallary. No doubt, the discipline of the JAs was also a
> > factor.
In my comment, I now realize that I should have changed the subject.
For some of us, there are other contests besides the WRTC.


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