[CQ-Contest] WRTC glitches

Randy Thompson, K5ZD k5zd at charter.net
Fri Jul 19 04:35:29 EDT 2002

It is difficult to get logging software perfect for a contest that only
occurs every 2, 4, or 6 years and has different rules each time!  N6TR,
K1EA, and W5XD (+SM6SRW) all did extra work to support WRTC.  All
competitors were able to successfully log the contest!

What is interesting (and unexpected to me) is all the discussion about
logging software and scoring that has been generated.  All of it due to the
online score reporting during the contest!  I think we all know how funny
things that impact the score can get into a log during the contest and are
usually repaired before the log is submitted.  With the WRTC online
reporting experiment, we got to see just how wildly varying some of these
things can be!

They do nothing to detract from the contest.  They do point out some things
that could be further improved for future online score reporting

The goal of the online reporting was to make the contest more visible to
everyone.  In that regard, it was every bit as successful as had been hoped.
Give OH6KN and his team a pat on the back for pulling it off.  It was fun.

Randy, K5ZD

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> I don't think I'd want to be the one to tell a WRTC competitor who has
> used CT for 10 years that he has to learn TRLog or SuperDuper or
> whatever.  I believe it's pretty much the same reasoning behind letting
> the ops choose their own radios.
> But I agree that the software should have been tested...alas.  It'll be
> interesting to see just what the bug was.
> -Mike N2MG
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> > It seems that with all the effort to provide similar
> transceiver, location,
> > and antennas that the same software would be used.   And the
> software should
> > be tested beforehand.
> >
> > I always run several different logs through my CQ 160 software
> each year to
> > assure its checking OK and get rid of bugs.   Writelog authors and
> > supporters including K9JY say that for each contest you should
> always set up
> > a test log and give it a spin before the contest.  With N6AA,
> K5ZD and other
> > logging experts on hand this should have been fundamental.
> >
> > I am also concerned that the address for e-mail logs filled up
> and kicked
> > back some logs.
> >
> > Otherwise congratulations to the contestants and sponsors.
> >
> > 73 Dave K4JRB
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