[CQ-Contest] CW or SSB FCC says neither.

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As a former military hf cw operator, I don't believe the statement about 
the DoD is factually true.  My connections back at Ft Bragg, home of the 
US Army special warfare commo school tell me that cw is still a mandatory 
part of the JFK Special Warfare Course. 

Don't know anything about commercial marine communication.



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The new FCC Chairman told a group of hams that its time for amateurs to 
to the new modes
and leave what he considers are obsolete modes.   He said (and ARRL 
that a mode such as PSK31 is superior to CW in weak signal environments.
Amateurs are working each other with QRP where signals are below the noise
threshold.  Listen to the speaker and there is nothing!

The FCC Chairman also stated that CW is no longer in use in DOD 
and is rapidly disappearing in Commercial Marine communications.

So are we getting in disfavor with the FCC by sticking to CW or SSB?

73 Dave K4JRB

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