[CQ-Contest] Claimed Scores Summary Reminder

mwdink at eskimo.com mwdink at eskimo.com
Fri Jul 19 09:14:39 EDT 2002

Just a reminder because I am getting a lot of questions
as to why certain scores are not in the claimed score summary
even though they have been posted to 3830.

To get your score on the claimed scores please 
go to:  http://www.hornucopia.com/3830score/

It even says to do this at the top of each summary :>)

If you cannot go to or use this Web site, let me know and
I will input the data into the form for you. However, I 
just cannot afford the time anymore to manually enter all
the data from individual "free style" summaries. Thanks 
to Bruce, WA7BNM, the technology is here for a better 
way to provide standardized score postings and you can 
put just about anything you want in the comment section 
(including your "free style" summary).

73 dink, n7wa

p.s. Thanks Bruce - for giving me time for my hobby again :>)

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