[CQ-Contest] CW or SSB FCC says neither

Ron Notarius WN3VAW wn3vaw at fyi.net
Fri Jul 19 11:52:16 EDT 2002

I don't know guys, but something of this smells like a red herring that's
been left in the back seat of someone's car for a few days with the windows
up and the temperatures averaging the upper 90's (Farenheit, that is)

I just did a search through some of the news archives.  I wanted to see
exactly what Chairman Powell was quoted as saying and in what context.
Guess what?  If this happened recently (and I checked as far back as March),
no one seems to have reported it as a news item anywhere.

And isn't it curious that the original post states that this is a quote from
the "new FCC Chairman"?  He's been FCC Chairman for quite some time now,
over a year I believe -- hardly new.  And he's not mentioned by name.
Neither is the group of amateurs.

So before we jump off the handle and run around screaming at how unfair this
all is, or how it's inevitable, or how this is another ARRL plot to sell
more radios for the manufacturer's by giving us a worthless 5 MHz
allocation, or something else equally or moreso ridiculous, let's find out a
few things:

(a)  Exactly who said this?
(b)  Exactly when was it said?
(c)  Exactly what was said?
(d)  Exactly who was it said to?

If we don't know that, not only is this all wild speculation, but it has the
legitimacy of an anonymous email telling you to delete a file off your hard
drive calle AOL.EXE because it's an obvious virus that will destroy your
brain cells.  Or something like that.

73, ron wn3vaw

"And they give you cash,
which is just as good as money!"
Yogi Berra, AFLAC Commercial, 2002

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They can be replaced. When that particular chairman is gone, we will
still be here, sending code. Sounds like he doesn't have enough work
to do.

It's kinda like them telling an old car collector to get his '60
Thunderbird off the road.

PSK31 is growing leaps and bounds, all by itself, no help needed from
the FCC, and CW will remain an art form for a long time.

Voice, anything narrower than SSB around? WHAT new voice mode?

73, Guy

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> The new FCC Chairman told a group of hams that its time for amateurs
to move
> to the new modes
> and leave what he considers are obsolete modes.   He said (and ARRL
> that a mode such as PSK31 is superior to CW in weak signal
> Amateurs are working each other with QRP where signals are below the
> threshold.  Listen to the speaker and there is nothing!
> The FCC Chairman also stated that CW is no longer in use in DOD
> and is rapidly disappearing in Commercial Marine communications.
> So are we getting in disfavor with the FCC by sticking to CW or SSB?
> 73 Dave K4JRB
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