[CQ-Contest] Clarification CW, SSB and the FCC

David L. Thompson thompson at mindspring.com
Sat Jul 20 21:23:03 EDT 2002

First off the person who heard this comment was a retired FCC Engineer (then
called a FOB Chief Engineer).  He was with a group of visiting hams.  This
was about 1 year ago when the FCC Chairman was new.   My take it was a
challenge statement not a statement to abandon CW and SSB.

The retired Engineer also said lip service was paid to emergency service
too.   I think from this we can gather the feeling inside the FCC (except
for Riley??).

I also brought this up again (I mentioned it last year on another reflector)
as I want to bring us back to the real world and the thread about CW versus
SSB is non productive!  If you like one mode or the other then no matter
what is said you won't change your mind.

I also found out that several don't believe that digital (from RTTY to PSK
31 et al) is really amateur radio.  I seem to remember the diehard AMers
saying that about SSB 40 years ago.
And Phone man Lew McCoy had to tread lightly at ARRL in the early 1950's as
the General manager was CW forever and only!

Back to contesting!

73 Dave K4JRB

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