[CQ-Contest] Clarification CW, SSB and the FCC

Tom Osborne w7why at harborside.com
Sun Jul 21 17:25:26 EDT 2002

"David L. Thompson" wrote:

> I also found out that several don't believe that digital (from >RTTY to PSK 31 et al) is really amateur radio. 

Hi Dave et al

Maybe not so much now, but when I first got into rtty it was
definitely amateur radio.  Everyone built their own equipment,
scrounged old machines to get going, etc.  I got started with an
old Model 14 strip printer and a 555 op-amp TU that I built. 
Then moved up to a ST-5 (homebrew) then a DT-600 (also homebrew).
Almost everyone was using stuff they modified or built
themselves.  The first SAC contest I worked I used a Model 15 and
Model 14 reperf.  Made 125 Q's with 25 countries and made WAC in
that contest.  Most of the guys operating RTTY now are guys that
have been around for a while.  PSK--now that's a different story
:-(  73

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