[CQ-Contest] Line Scores in QST - Comments Were Submitted to ARRL

Jim Idelson k1ir at designet.com
Tue Jul 23 09:05:55 EDT 2002

Fellow Contesters,

It took quite a long time, but last week as the ARRL BoD meeting was 
approaching, we did get the promised Contest Coverage document out to ARRL HQ 
staff and to the individual board members. The document can be viewed at:
PDF version: http://www.designet.com/k1ir/Downloads/ContestProposal_071702.pdf 
HTML version: http://www.designet.com/k1ir/ContestCoverageProposal_071702.htm

About 35 contesters - including ARRL members and non-members, US and non-US 
contesters - participated in the creation of this set of proposals. As you'll 
observe when you read it, the document goes way beyond the simple question of 
how line scores are to be published. It addresses the deeper questions of how 
the various aspects of contesting can be presented effectively to all types of 
existing and potential audiences.

At this point, we do know that this information was distributed just prior to 
the BoD meeting, but we have not heard any specific reactions and we don't know 
if or how the proposals influenced voting on the question of line scores.


Jim Idelson K1IR
email    k1ir at designet.com
web    http://www.designet.com/k1ir

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