[CQ-Contest] contest reporting

Dallas Carter ludal at dmv.com
Tue Jul 23 10:47:47 EDT 2002

With all due respect to Jim and others, It was nice to see 
how the board voted on this issue; but:

I think we kicked all the air out of this ball 6 months ago.
Many of us wrote to our directors to make our cases, and
it was discussed here ad nausium.  The action has now been
taken, and reflects the feelings of the directors constituancies.
At this point we should give the web alternative a chance.
So far, I like what I see; and I was an opponent of the

Those who make the point that contesters are the ones who 
support the advertisers have not done a very thorough analysis
of the market.  The position is only partially true and not
mutually exclusive.  The FACT is that contestors ARE in the
numerical minority with regard to ARRL membership, and the
vote probably does represent the membership.  If you want
to vote with your feet, that's fine, but let's get this venue back
to contesting topics and drop the League bashing.

73  Dallas  W3PP 

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