[CQ-Contest] vote on removing contest items from QST

Chuck K3FT k3ft at erols.com
Wed Jul 24 00:22:12 EDT 2002


Since my concerns about why votes were taken in one area yet not in another along with 
other questions were elevated, I decided to ask EACH director who was there for some 
solid, honest answers. Here is what I asked each and every one.  I thought many of you 
have the same questions. Perhaps I will receive responses and that will provide us all 
some accurate 'from the horse's mouths' answers to the questions we all have.

All I want is honest truthful answers. I may not agree with the decision, but I can 
handle the truth. I may be out of bounds asking the questions, but as a member of the 
group I believe we have the duty to inquire so as to be informed as to what our elected 
representatives are up to. Keep everything straight and on the up and up.

I'll let you all know what I get back. I figure posting it here will give everyone the 
'straight scoop' that I get and help eliminate the 'I heard..' 'He said..' 'I think I 
read...' syndrome we are all aware of.  I will provide complete sourcing so you will be 
able to track it for yourself.


CHuck K3FT
As a paid-up, currently enrolled, ARRL member I need to ask a question. I would
appreciate an honest answer. I ask in seriousness, nnot seeking to bash or cast
aspersions or dissension. I really want to know as a member of the ARRL.

I noted that the vote was recorded for the removal of section news but only a VOICE VOTE
(no record of vote) was taken on the issue of removing contest items from QST and
placing them on the web.

#1 Question - How did you vote on the removal of contest items from QST?

#2 Question - Why was there a recorded roll call vote for Section news removal and NOT
for contest items removal?  Why was one considered 'less necessary to record the
vote' than the other since both involved 'niche' components of the total ARRL
membership and QST page allocation? (The cynical ones scream 'Political cover!' but I am
inclined to wait for the answer from those who were there before I draw any

#3 Question - Who voted YEA (FOR removal) and NAY (AGAINST removal) of contest items
from QST?

#4 Question - Has the 3 proposal item produced by Ward Silver N0AX ( at the request of
the ARRL when the issue of removing QST coverage of contest items came up) been
recieved, read, and has any comments been made as to the proposal's validity and
possible adoption by ARRL?

Again, I am seeking honest answers to some very tough questions. Many of the ARRL
members who have spoken publicly (and privately) have commented on the fact that the
more publicized issue (contest items) was unrecorded while the less controverisal item
(section news) WAS recorded. To them.. it contains a ratehr intense aroma of rather
rancid fish and gives grave concern as to the relevance of ARRL to many of them.

Personally.. I am in favor of ARRL, it's all we have and it is needed.. BUT I am not a
rose colored glasses guy who says 'My League.. regardless of whatever happens!'  I
support the ARRL but I MUST question those in charge responsible for handling things for
me to be open, upfront and above board... even if it risks 'insulting the higher ups'.
It keeps the membership honest and keeps the lines of communications open both ways.

I have no perception that you would be anything else than responsible, ethical, and
open, and would appreciate aanswers to my questions.

If the ARRL mgmt has said you cannot comment or otherwise.. that's fine. If it's the
truth.. then it's the truth and I can and do respect that.  However, I would like to
know the reality and the truth.

Thanks for reading. I look forward to hearing from you .

vy 73
Chuck K3FT

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