[CQ-Contest] Cabrillio format reporting problems

Charles Harpole k4vud at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 24 02:53:50 EDT 2002

Call me a "giver upper" or whatever, but I give up on reporting my contest 
logs in Cabrillio format.  I purchased AGAIN a new version of CT and have 
tried to generate the proper log format acceptable to CQ and ARRL.  I have 
never gotten it right.  I have listened to and read advice from well-meaning 
helpers. I have still not gotten it right.  I have had generous HQ guys 
convert my logs for me.  But, I did not get it right by muself.
At this point in my ham career/interest, I just do not have the gumption or 
whatever it takes to mess with it.  Call me old fashioned, but I just like 
to print out the log on real paper and mail that in along with my REAL PAPER 
signed cover form.
Since that is no longer acceptable, for the time being, I will simply love 
to run contests and keep my logs home in my dadburned balky computer.  I 
will try to find the score lists, where ever the sponsors POST them, and 
imaginatively insert my score and enjoy my placement as good as it may be.  
My effort would not be printed in the magazines anymore anyway.  Sorry FCG, 
my dab of numbers will not join yours, as much as my wishing could make it 
so.  73,

Charles Harpole
k4vud at hotmail.com

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