[CQ-Contest] ARRL report on line scores decision

Mark Beckwith swca at swbell.net
Wed Jul 24 05:45:14 EDT 2002

>It's too bad that contesters didn't support the NCJ in
>the past and it had to be saved by the ARRL.

Spilled milk.  Yes, it is too bad.

I would also have preferred the NCJ to have remained unaffiliated with the
ARRL (I published it in the 70s).  I was concerned we would lose a valuable
non-ARRL-centered forum.

But now, thanks to the efforts of the web-pioneers among us (Trey and Bill
come to mind, and we all know there are a bunch of others), we have got a
non-ARRL-centered forum now which is much more powerful than any print
periodical ever was or ever will be.

I don't think this "QST pages" thing is a big deal, and more power to the
ARRL for exercising responsible cost management.  Every time I read about
how the ARRL responded to an FCC proposal, which is frequent and
comprehensive, THAT is when I say "my ARRL dollars at work."

Any more, I could take or leave QST, but that is of relatively little
importance to me.  I trust the new marketing and development people to use
QST however they have to, to best ensure the future of ham radio.

"The future is the WEB, man."

Mark, N5OT

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