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Chuck discreetly_confidential at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 24 09:08:53 EDT 2002


I recieved a multitude of replies from over 50%
of the Directors in response to my request for
answers to my questions. Many were long,
detailed, and contained a lot of information on
how the process worked, how it was handled, the
procedures/protocols involved and much
information which fleshed out the issue for me. 

here is a summary of what I received. Although
not all have replied as of this time (and I agree
the time has been short). I believe what I DID
recieve is representative of what the others will
present me due to the consistency of response in
that each person's perspective and information
had the same basic foundation and configuration.
I SENSE NO colusion in responses because it would
be damn difficult to get all those folks to agree
to lie, prevaricate, or shade the truth in this

Therefore, I accept what they provided as true,
accurate, and straight shooting. That is what I
expected and I was not dissapointed.Therefore, I
believe I can draw some conclusions which I
present for your consideration.

First and foremost.. EACH respondent who answered
me was exceedinly polite, open and honest with
answers, information, and 'extra info' to flesh
out the skeleton of information that I available
to me. Several (including my own Director, N3EFN,
took me on a 'handholding tour' of theprocess and
explained nooks, crannies, and the eddy currents
involved.  He didn't have to do that... but he
did. THis further amplified my belief that all
were shooting straight and I could rely on what
they were telling me.

Each one, who responded with information, took
the time to explain their position and provide
some thinking as to what was going on.

Therefore, I wish to thank them all PUBLICLY for
the responses and I find myself reinforced that
things were done above board and without any

OK.. Here's what I have.

First.. the vote.  Several of the Directors
reported that the vote to move the line scores to
the Web was a UNANIMOUS vote. This answered
questions #1 and #2 fully. These were the two
main ones I wanted to know about.

Several noted that the debate over the issue was
'hearty and lively'. 

They confirmed that all votes are voice votes and
not all are recorded. Since the vote was
unanimous no record was made. 

(ASIDE - I DID responsd that had a simple one
line entry in the public announcement said 'The
vote to move the contest line scores was
unanimously in favor' it would have elimintaed my
need to ask the questions.)

They all retirerated that now that the decision
is made, they will support the decision and move
ahead with the actions necessary to implement the
changes agreed to.

As to having read/seen N0AX (et al) proposal, the
basic comment was that theywere aware of it, but
due to the fact it was presented at/quite near
the meeting they had not had time to read it
fully. This is logical and Ward did confirm that
it was submitted right about the time of the

My questions have been answered to my
satisfaction.  Each Director who responded did so
with the attitude that my questions were asked in
the spirit of wanting to know - as I intended
them to be recieved.  Given the short fuse (Sent
at midnight EDST the previous night and answers
recieved by 10AM this morning!) it was over 50
percent which is good!

Any negative comments/observations expressed  in
my original questions were only expressed as an
indicator of what was being heard/read by me in
public/private forums and was not MY opinion or
understanding. I felt they should know what a
simple 'trench-warrior' was hearing.

IN summary.. I am satisfied and my questions have
been answered fully. I have no further concerns
with the way things were done. I further applaud
their responsiveness and openess in filling me in
with the way things are done and handled.

So.. to the Directors.. thank you very much for
your responses.. your desire to inform.. and your
speed in responding.

This may not still the debates in teh Contest
community.. but at least it provides a public
forum for discussion.

vy 73

Chuck K3FT

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