[CQ-Contest] Answers to questions I asked.

Billy Cox aa4nu at ix.netcom.com
Wed Jul 24 12:49:40 EDT 2002

>First.. the vote.  Several of the Directors
>reported that the vote to move the line scores to
>the Web was a UNANIMOUS vote. This answered
>questions #1 and #2 fully. These were the two
>main ones I wanted to know about.

Sorry ... seems "several of the directors" may have
a problem with their short term memory loss here ...

There was ONE that did not cave in to this vote!
K5UR voted against it ... and he was the only one.

So ... that may skew the rest of the integrity of their
responses to your questions. <sigh> Good grief, if
they can't or won't even recall how the vote went ... 

73 Billy AA4NU  (cost savings? what cost savings?)

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