[CQ-Contest] Why not complain about CQ also?

n4gi n4gi at tampabay.rr.com
Wed Jul 24 17:53:17 EDT 2002

> I'm sure the
> majority of members (not active $-spending
> members, just numbers of members) would support
> total elimination of contesting.  It's only a
> matter of time.
> And I just bought another radio...dangit!
> Lee

That's right folks, armageddon is looming.

Tell you what Lee (and any others):  I can help in this time of gloom!  Send
your new rig(s) to my call book address if you want.  Oh, I'll take those
pesky amps and antennas off your hands too if you want (you probably won't
need those either)....  I'll make sure that soon-to-be worthless stuff is
disposed of properly.  ;-)

Blake N4GI

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