[CQ-Contest] Why not complain about CQ also?

Lee Hiers, AA4GA aa4ga at contesting.com
Wed Jul 24 16:26:10 EDT 2002

On 24 Jul 2002,, Billy Cox wrote:

> The other is our national organization that months ago stated these
> steps were needed for financial reasons ... yet ... there was NO mention
> of that in the recent release.

Yes, it was mentioned a few months back that the results were 
being eliminated from QST for financial reasons, but the 
announcement in ARLB046 stated:

"the Board agreed that the ARRL Web site now provides a better 
medium to report the results of ARRL-sponsored contests, and line 
scores no longer will appear in QST."  

Which in no way confirms that this is a cost-
saving measure as they previously "advertised".  

I would say that it gives reason for concern for 
ARRL's continued sponsorship of contests, 
possibly even their support of contesting as an 
allowable activity on the bands - I would not be 
surprised if they proposed a rules change to the 
FCC which would prohibit contesting - if you 
boil it down to membership numbers, I'm sure the 
majority of members (not active $-spending 
members, just numbers of members) would support 
total elimination of contesting.  It's only a 
matter of time.

And I just bought another radio...dangit!


Lee Hiers, AA4GA
Cornelia, GA
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