[CQ-Contest] Re: Non-line score coverage in QST

Pete Smith n4zr at contesting.com
Thu Jul 25 09:59:51 EDT 2002

At 09:39 PM 7/24/02 -0500, Kelly Taylor wrote:
>As the author of the 2001 SS Phone writeup, my behind the scenes work with
>such ARRL luminaries as K1RO, NT1N, N1BKE and N1ND suggests a strong
>commitment to making line score-free results work for everybody. I support
>the efforts to move line score coverage to the Web (where it can be MUCH
>more valuable to the people who actually care about them) and increase
>non-line score copy in QST, where it can be much more interesting to the
>people who don't care about line scores.

Kelly, this is exactly the sort of reassurance we are looking for, and that 
was strikingly absent from reports on the Board meeting.  If there had been 
direction to ARRL staff to "increase non-line score copy in QST," as there 
was in the case of the Section News, then I would have zero complaint about 
the outcome.  Perhaps one of those ARRL luminaries would offer a statement 
of ARRL's intentions in this respect, and put the issue to rest (except, of 
course, for the requirement that we get busy writing).

73, Pete N4ZR

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