[CQ-Contest] Re: Non-line score coverage in QST

Bruce Makas k1my at msn.com
Thu Jul 25 08:20:00 EDT 2002

Hi Pete, Nice thoughts but don't hold your breath. Non line score copy of
contests will never increase. Take that to the bank.

73, Bruce K1MY

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> At 09:39 PM 7/24/02 -0500, Kelly Taylor wrote:
> >As the author of the 2001 SS Phone writeup, my behind the scenes work
> >such ARRL luminaries as K1RO, NT1N, N1BKE and N1ND suggests a strong
> >commitment to making line score-free results work for everybody. I
> >the efforts to move line score coverage to the Web (where it can be MUCH
> >more valuable to the people who actually care about them) and increase
> >non-line score copy in QST, where it can be much more interesting to the
> >people who don't care about line scores.
> Kelly, this is exactly the sort of reassurance we are looking for, and
> was strikingly absent from reports on the Board meeting.  If there had
> direction to ARRL staff to "increase non-line score copy in QST," as there
> was in the case of the Section News, then I would have zero complaint
> the outcome.  Perhaps one of those ARRL luminaries would offer a statement
> of ARRL's intentions in this respect, and put the issue to rest (except,
> course, for the requirement that we get busy writing).
> 73, Pete N4ZR
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