Fw: [CQ-Contest] Re: Why not complain about CQ also?

Billy Cox aa4nu at ix.netcom.com
Thu Jul 25 11:50:52 EDT 2002

>Kelly Taylor wrote:
>> There is no room for that now since the majority of pages are devoted
>> to line scores.
>The idea of cutting line scores is to reduce the number of pages in QST
>(I've heard 16 pages will be cut) - not free them up for something
>else.  Cutting line scores and section news reduces the number of pages
>in QST and makes publishing costs less ... it doesn't mean more content
>will take their place.
> Ron

No so Ron, <sigh>

Yes ... that's what we were told back earlier in the year ... that this was
all due to financial concerns ... and you know from a business viewpoint
(MBA/corporate/etc.) if my national organization says there is a revenue
problem, and to survive they need to take some cost containment steps
to continue to exist, and that some of my perks as a member may have
to go away. Hey, I understand, do it ... but that's not what has happened.

Now go re-read the official release ... NO MENTION of reducing the number
of pages, NO MENTION of any form of cost containment. There IS mention of:

 "The space freed up by relocating "Section News" will allow more in-depth
coverage of general news, public service activities and "how-to" articles
aimed at bringing more amateurs into the emergency preparedness fold."

Wait a second ... where's the we must contain costs cry from earlier this

And as we gloat about how much greater the web-based options will be,
who's picking up the tab for all of that? Use of volunteers will help, but
there's going to be some incremental costs to support this also. There is
no free ride folks ... there are NEW costs to provide web-based services.

Also in the carefully worded release ... why no mention of anything stating:

"The space freed up by relocating "Contest ....." will allow more in-depth
coverage of contest news, contesting activities, and "how-to" articles aimed
at bringing more amateurs into the enjoyable sport of radio contesting".

My opinion is that omission is not by accident, as press releases are
carefully constructed to communicate exact and specific messages. NO
one from the ARRL has officially said anything about increased contest
exposure to replace the line-scores. Such a statement, if valid could have
been included in the press release. It was not. So who's fooling who here?

There's a wide variance between what we were told, and what has
happened. And that's disgusting behavior from our national organization.

73 Billy AA4NU

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