[CQ-Contest] WAEDC-CW coming up!

Bernhard Buettner wae at dl6rai.muc.de
Thu Jul 25 21:59:09 EDT 2002

Hi Contesters!

The WAE DX Contest (CW portion) is coming up! Only two weekends 
ahead, on August 10/11 the HF bands again will be full of "QTC?" - 
the typical sign of the WAE DX Contest.

The idea of the QTC was born a long time ago - in 1936, the D.A.S.D.
(Deutscher Amateur Sende Dienst - the predecessor of the DARC) came up 
with its first international Contest - the DJDC, which went over 
five weekends. Non-German stations back then reported their QSOs back 
to German stations. This was done in order to get complete coverage 
of all QSOs done during the contest period - even if people would not 
send in their logs. If you are interested in more information look
at the results archive at http://www.waedc.de - there you will find
results going back until 1936!

Today, the WAEDC only lasts a single weekend, 48 hours - and it's 
coming up in a fortnight from now. Sending in logs today is so 
easy with E-Mail and Log robots. 

So - are you ready?

Check out the rules and latest changes at http://www.waedc.de! There
you can also download MP3 files of QTC traffic, look into the results
from the 2001 Contest, read about announced  Contest operations etc. 
Software authors have modified their logging programs to reflect the 
latest changes in the WAE DX Contest. Find details on the Web site too.

If you have any questions or comments pertaining to the WAE DX Contest, 
drop me a note at dl6rai at darc.de.

73 Ben, DL6RAI
[] Bernhard (Ben) Buettner, DL6RAI - WAE-DX-Contest Manager
[] E-Mail: dl6rai at darc.de    Phone: +49-89-943663     Fax: +49-89-943191

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