[CQ-Contest] Line scores

Bill Parry w5vx at hiline.net
Thu Jul 25 21:33:11 EDT 2002

Now that this issue seems to be settled, I am willing to accept the change
that was voted by our Board of Directors. I would have preferred that the
line score had been left in QST but we have elected our directors to make
these decisions. I  believe that the stories and line scores will serve me

Unfortunately, I believe that we are too willing to accept the high-handed
way this issue was handled originally. I have been a life member of the ARRL
for many years and have always supported it. I thought I was a member of an
organization that elected people to make decisions about our hobby in a open
and honest atmosphere. Apparently, the board fears the membership enough to
operate in secrecy, at least on this occasion. If our Board of Directors
operates in this fashion all the time, we have more problems than line

Bill -  W5VX

"All organizations are perfectly aligned for the results they get."

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