[CQ-Contest] making lemonade (was: ARRL report on line scores decision)

Michael Keane, K1MK k1mk at arrl.net
Fri Jul 26 09:18:52 EDT 2002

On Fri, 26 July 2002, Pete Smith wrote:

> but I can't, for the life of me,
> figure out why that should improve timeliness of result delivery by
> more than 15 days.  

I think you're right Pete, the big improvement in what Trey is proposing
comes from challenging the log checkers (and maybe even the article
writers) to turn things around ASAP rather than working to the deadlines
imposed by the QST publication schedule.

> Put another way, all of what Trey proposes could be implemented
> just as well if the deadline remained 30 days.

Previoulsy, was there anything to prevent scores and even the entire
results article from being prepared well in advance of their required

Mike K1MK

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