[CQ-Contest] Re: Non-line score coverage in QST

Bruce Sawyer n6nt at ispwest.com
Fri Jul 26 09:38:07 EDT 2002

Dink sez:
>However, I think I can better summarize my feelings about line scores
>going on-line in three short words.
>I like 'em.

Ditto.  I don't know who did the web page design on this one, but I think it
is absolutely fabulous.  You can ask the page to select entries by a number
of different criteria (e.g. club, power level, category) and then sort the
selected entries by a succession of different criteria.  It's trivially easy
to manipulate all the data in just about any way you can imagine, and the
results are clearly presented.  Somebody did one heck of a good job in
designing this thing, and I think it's a huge step forward.   Matter of
fact, it took me no time at all to see that among the HP entrants in the 10m
contest there was only one case where the US/VE winner beat the DX winner:
K1KI over little 'ole me.  Kudos to Tom for that one.

Bruce, N6NT/ZF2NT

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