[CQ-Contest] Re: Non-line score coverage in QST

mwdink at eskimo.com mwdink at eskimo.com
Fri Jul 26 16:27:54 EDT 2002

There is no continental breakdown as yet but I don't know why
that couldn't be added. I'm sure the data is there. (Now's the
time to get what we want.) 

For now, go into Section, select NON-USA (It's not obvious it's there
the first time) - then sort by section. You will have a country by 
country breakdown. I recommend the Tab or Comma delimited download 
(it's quick) so you can review all the results without paging.


At 08:16 PM 7/26/2002 +0000, Clive Whelan wrote:

> However, I think I can better summarize my feelings about line scores
> going on-line in three short words.
> I like 'em.

Erm, am I  being dense here, is there a way to separate the scores by 
continent as there was in QST? That is invaluable.


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