[CQ-Contest] Contest Recruiting 101

Jeffrey Clarke ku8e1 at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 27 11:59:32 EDT 2002

 Where is K9PG when you need him ????  Paul... you going to be doing
some publicizing of the NAQP for next weekend ??????

               73's Jeff

--- "Bill Fisher, W4AN" <w4an at contesting.com> wrote:
> I'm now involved with recruiting members for next weekend's NAQP CW
> contest.  I'm having some success recently recruiting people to
> operate
> the CW Sprint and NAQP contests, and thought I might pass on some
> hints in
> hopes that other clubs will also have success recruiting members for
> contests.
> 1) Announce your intentions here on CQ-Contest and club mail
> reflectors.  
> Normally I find this to be mildly successful.  Be sure to mention
> that you
> are not just looking for serious operators... that you are fielding
> teams
> of part-timer ops too.
> 2) The best technique I have found is contacting each person directly
> by
> e-mail personally.  I follow the same method as is #1 and normally
> put in
> some kind of note about us trying to show up some other club or
> something
> else that we can all get our heads around.  
> 3) Finding Members.  I first look at old results for the contest in
> question.  Then I move to other contests.  For instance, I've had
> really
> good luck this time recruiting guys that operate the ARRL 160 and 10
> meter
> contests as well as CW SS.  The results are on the web, and almost
> everyone has an email address that can easily be had on eHam.net or
> QRZ.com.  These are also contests that are more domestic in nature,
> which
> is right up the alley of the NAQP.
> 4) Finding More Members.  Team work!  I ask everyone on our teams to
> recruit just one other person to be a member of the teams.  This has
> worked very well in the past, as there is no way I can know every
> potential operator in the 4th call area.  
> 5) Organization.  I'm now keeping everyone's callsign, name, etc, in
> a
> database so I can quickly refer to it the next running of the
> contest.
> 6) Post cards.  Some of the Sprint regulars have recently taken up
> writing
> potential operators post cards in an effort to remind them of a
> contest.  
> I personally find email with the expressed intent of joining a team
> is
> more effective.
> 7) Team placement competition.  Back in the early 80s there was this
> phenom called the Midwest Popguns organzied by Joe (W8LNO) and Tom
> (N0SS) for the CW Sprint.  Team placement was based on your finish in
> the
> prior contest.  The Popguns fieleded several teams, and I recall
> being
> highly motivated to move from team last to team next.  We are just
> starting with this here in W4 for next month's Sprint.
> So far I have 22 guys signed up for next weekend.  The TCG and FCG
> are
> also fielding at least 2 teams each.  I figure we'll have more than
> 50
> guys from W4 active to some degree or another!  Now think how much
> fun the
> contest would be if this could be nearly duplicated across 10 call
> areas!  
> 73
> Bill, W4AN
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