[CQ-Contest] Use For The Cabrillo Claimed Score Field

David A. Pruett k8cc at comcast.net
Sat Jul 27 21:01:31 EDT 2002

Speaking for the ARRL 160/10 logchecking team, we use the Cabrillo Claimed 
Score field an a sanity check on the score our logchecking process 
generates.  Anything more than about a 25% difference generates a warning 
for manual review.  IMHO, anything which helps us guarantee the integrity 
of the log is a good thing.

Certainly this field is not required since we completely recalculate the 
scoring anyways.  While its simple for the logging software to include, 
Cabrillo converters such as KA5WSS and WT4I generally are not equipped with 
scoring algorithms and so are unable to calculate the score.

This past contest we discovered that even some logging programs don't know 
how to calculate ARRL 10M scores correctly.  Unfortunately we could not 
tell which ones - the programs left no telltale marks in the Cabrillo file.


At 04:43 PM 7/27/02 -0400, Michael Gilmer wrote:
>From  the Cabrillo spec, http://www.kkn.net/~trey/cabrillo/spec.html
>The claimed-score of the log submission, in integer form such as 1217315 or
>19113 or 12.
>It's redundant from a final score point of view,  but if the robot can start
>posting "claimed scores" then this field has renewed relevance.
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> > I looked at a submitted log and didn't see the Claimed Score.
> > It IS there though.
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