[CQ-Contest] New log deadline for ARRL contests?

Mark Beckwith swca at swbell.net
Thu Jun 6 15:45:05 EDT 2002

KB3MM asked me:

> The log is the log.  What's to clean up ?

Here are a few examples:

Let's say I switched bands on the radio but forgot to switch bands on the
program.  I think I owe it to everyone to go through and do all the ensuing
damage control.

Let's say I misspelled a guy's name - at the moment the rules don't say I
can't go in and correct it later.

Let's say I put in a comment "This guy's a jerk; put him on the jerk list" -
I would want to double-check to make sure that was out prior to submitting
the log (that comment would be for "internal use only," hi).

Sounds like you really want to talk about the topic of massaging or
sanitizing which is beyond the scope of my first comment.  There are plenty
of reasons an op would want to make his log presentable before pressing
"send" which in many people's opinion fall short of "massaging" or
"sanitizing" from a practical standpoint.  Nobody's perfect.

Mark, N5OT

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