[CQ-Contest] New log deadline for ARRL contests?

Blake M. Meinecke n4gi at tampabay.rr.com
Thu Jun 6 20:04:14 EDT 2002

N5OT writes

> Here are a few examples:
> Let's say I switched bands on the radio but forgot to switch bands on the
> program.  I think I owe it to everyone to go through and do all the
> damage control.

This one might be legitimate, but why wait till afterward??  I do it when
it's still fresh in my head (after a break, or between the next band

> Let's say I misspelled a guy's name - at the moment the rules don't say I
> can't go in and correct it later.

..... Or just look up the correct spelling on QRZ.com???  Log checking
software is pretty advanced.  I might be wrong, but aren't some mistakes
errred on the side of "typos" anyway??? (depending on the contest)

> Let's say I put in a comment "This guy's a jerk; put him on the jerk
list" -
> I would want to double-check to make sure that was out prior to submitting
> the log (that comment would be for "internal use only," hi).

In my experience, the cabrillo log checking robots would not compute this in
a data field and they would send you a "danger Will Robinson" reply
immediately.  You can then go and edit that line and resubmit.  Gab/notes
don't go into the cabrillo log anyway they?

When the contest time is up, it's up.  I press save and send it off.

Blake N4GI

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