[CQ-Contest] Utopia

Doug Priest w3cf at comcast.net
Thu Jun 6 18:59:35 EDT 2002

This has to be an example of Ham Utopia. One of my friends ( a contester and
DXpeditioner) sent this to me. He shall remain nameless but I thought
sharing his glee most worthwhile...........He has a bid in on some property.

got the permits in 2 hours, before I even own the damn place, u gotta love
that... two 100' 45G... they even allow guy anchors inside the 25'BRL and in
the reserve septic! I guess I had my stuff together, they took the canned
rohn drawings and my hand-drawn site plan and stamped them APPROVED PLANS hi
hi.  This county is soooo ham friendly, it qualified for residential fast
trak same day permit!  The guy checked w/super and came out with solemn look
and said federal law says we have to give u these permits, here you are, all
fees waived except $55!

I will share the QTH information for 25 thousand dollars :-)     He'd KILL
me :-)

Nice to see the good reports once in a while. Heaven knows the troubles most
of us have had...

Have a great summer....IARU/WRTC around the corner now.


Doug W3CF

Doug Priest W3CF
Hatfield, Pa.
doug at w3cf.com

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