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Chuck discreetly_confidential at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 26 14:07:29 EDT 2002

Scott Nichols sagely noted that....
"I think, for many people, the "please copy" acts
as an instinctive "bridge"...." and also noted 
"..It also seems a little more friendly..."

K3FT opined.. What I learned from chatting with
the pros in this world is that even though the
guiding rule is 'A-B-C' (Accuracy, Brevity,
Clarity) when transmitting traffic, the all
important, yet intangible 'human factor' must be

The insertion of the 'Please Copy...' prior to
the start of the message (on voice circuits)
helps to impart a small but valuable bit of 'the
personal touch' in the mix.

Another purpose is to give the recieving
operators mind a chance to 'lock in' and be
absolutely ready to copy what follows. Even
though you know that the other guy is ready
because he responsded 'K3FT send your traffic'
and you start transmitting.. a 'Please copy...'
before the 'number xxx...' and the rest of the
preamble simply gives him a 1/4 of  a second to
energize the brain/body to begin actually
writing/typing.  The slight delay allows him to
move from the act of transmiting 'K3FT, Send your
traffic', put down the mic, ready his
pencil/fingers, and be absolutely ready to copy
whatever you send next. 

Regardless of how good you are, there is ALWAYS a
slight delay from the time you stop transmitting
your readiness to receive and  your full
readiness to copy. The 'Please copy' allows the
human factor of a pleasantry to occur while
providing that needed delay so the reciever can
be assured of having all in place to copy.

That is all it really is. What I was taught is we
strive for 'A-B-C' but maintaining a small bit of
'human pleasantry' in the mix is OK.

Chuck K3FT

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